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Welcome to the Village of Hope School Sponsorship Program which is in support of the children who attend the Village of Hope (VOH) School in Bonnette, Ganthier, a resource poor, rural farming area approximately 15 miles from Port au Prince, Haiti.

The Village of Hope School provides quality education, in a Christian based environment for children from Kindergarten through High School. The students attend Chapel once a week and services for the senior classes are led by high school students. Along with routine school exams, in accordance with the Ministry of Education children in grade 6, 9,12 and 13 must pass National exams in order to advance to the next level. Each day students receive a meal of rice and beans.

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a child / children. It is a distinctive and personal way for you to enhance and develop the life of a vulnerable child. More than ever we know the future of Haiti rests in the hands of the youth that are being educated today. Supporting a child’s education can be likened to planting a mango tree. One does not see the fruit or benefit from it for some years, but eventually one day the flowers appear and next, the fruit for all to enjoy. The same goes for the knowledge that you are providing for a student you will support via the sponsorship program. One day the education, conducted in the Christian environment, will bear fruit and it will not only benefit the child but also their families and community.

The following information will answer some commonly asked questions regarding School Sponsorships.

COST OF SPONSORSHIP (as of January 2015)
A full sponsorship costs $480.00 annually. The amount can be paid, monthly ($40.00), quarterly ($120.00) or annually ($480.00).
Sponsorships are welcome at any time during the year.

One time or recurring donations of a lesser amount for the sponsorship program are also accepted.

The funds provided through sponsorships support the costs for the child’s attendance at the school such as text books, school supplies, a daily meal, vitamins and medical care. Neither the student nor his/her family receives the money directly.

Payments can be made in one of 3 ways:

1. Pay through your local church (if they are participating in the Sponsorship Program)

2. Pay by check. Print out the Sponsorship Application, fill it in and mail the completed authorization form to:
Village of Hope  300 East Yamato Road, Boca Raton Florida 33431.

3. Via Pay Pal to set up a recurring Donation CLICK HERE

 We will respond as quickly as possible to confirm your donation and/or send you a photo of your child. If you do not hear from us after 30 days, please contact Darrell Pfeffer: d_pfeffer@bellsouth.net or  (561)496-0426.

Village of Hope, as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (listed as Village of Hope, Inc.) issues a cumulative tax receipt for all of your monthly/quarterly/annual child sponsorship payments and other donations yearly. Receipts are sent out annually, in accordance with IRS regulations.

Sponsors do not receive routine reminders that payment is due. However newsletters and other mailings from the Organization do contain general reminders for the sponsors. A number of churches supporting the VOH have coordinators for their sponsorship programs who take it upon themselves to remind those in their congregation when payments are due.

Sponsorships are on-going as long as the child remains in the Village of Hope School or until a sponsor no longer wishes to continue with his/her support of the sponsorship program. We ask any sponsors who are discontinuing their support to notify the Sponsorship coordinator (coordinator listed below) so that we may re-assign the child to another sponsor.

In order to give the parents (or legal guardians) a sense of “ownership” regarding their child’s education the VOH does request a small annual fee from the parents and that they provide the uniform and shoes for their child.

VOH will update those providing a full sponsorship, with a photo of your sponsored child (updated yearly) and an annual letter reporting on school activities.

As generous as it may seem, the practice of Sponsors sending greeting cards, short notes and/or small gifts to sponsored children has caused some ill feeling amongst the students when all have not received the same benefit. Therefore VOH does not accept cards and/or gifts for individual children from their sponsors.
If you wish to contribute toward a special “ treat “ for your child you may wish to consider sending a supplemental donation to support the special events we celebrate with the children throughout the year. These events, often related to National Holidays, include the addition of chicken or hot dogs to their usual meal of rice and beans.

For more information or to report a change of address or banking information contact: