Pittman Park United Methodist Church/Medical Mission Team

Team with Haitian Colleagues          
Pittman Park United Methodist Church/Medical Mission TeamDay 1, Baby, #1
Statesboro, Georgia Area

A Medical Mission team, lead by Dr. Randy Smith (Board Member of VOH), provided care in villages served by VOH, at the end of October 2013.  The team treated 805 patients over five days in the villages of Bonnet and Gallethier.

clinic 3Fifteen volunteers traveled from the southeast Georgia town of Clinic 2Statesboro, to conduct the clinics for the eighth year in a row in Haiti.  This team has been in existence for approximately 20 years, working in various parts of Central America, Cuba and Haiti.

Conducting a full clinic, the team had two doctors, one nurse practitioner, lab personnel, a complete pharmacy and limited optical care.  The team members were able to provide full service to the communities, including field surgeries, complete lab workups, physical therapy, prescription and over the counter drugs and reading glasses, all as needed.

The team was joined by Brenda Waltz, Executive Director of VOH, Dr. Joseph from the VOH clinic and other Haitian personnel, including staff from the VOH clinic, Ministry of Health personnel, and interpreters.

Patients in lineRemembered most by team members, many of whom have been with the team for multiple clinic 1years, was the heartfelt thank you from the pastor at the Gallethier church.  His revelation that many of the patients had actually walked two or more hours in the dark to reach Gallethier in time to be seen by the team was a humbling revelation to many.

The team plans to return again in the next year if, as is said in Haiti, “God is willing.”

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