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ChristPagentEnrich the life and ministry of your congregation/organization by having them learn more about our poor Brothers and Sisters in Haiti  and how a number of Lutheran Pastors and other Christians have banded together to provide support to our very challenged neighbors.

Invite a Village of Hope speaker to come and share with you his/her first-hand experiences with the VOH Missions in Haiti.

Our speakers include Pastors who would be available to preach a sermon as well as show a video to an adult forum, display pictures of  Village of Hope children who need sponsors and answer questions about this vital ministry. The results will include a greater sense of commitment to fulfill God’s mandate to serve the poor and the establishment of closer personal ties with this ministry.  It’s a wonderful way to help more people  hear the CRY OF THE POOR and the CALL OF GOD to answer that cry.

Contact Rev. Ron Qualley